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Utakata no Tsubomi [VENUS] Free Download

Utakata no Tsubomi [VENUS] Free Download

Utakata no Tsubomi | うたかたの蕾


Kotaro Izaki, the protagonist who returns home at his older sister’s request.
Kyoko Miura, the recently widowed older sister who is terribly lonely.
Expressionless and standoffish since ch*ldhood, an old classmate named Miyuki.
Tomoe, the defiant blonde bad girl.
These four players form a homecoming story around Kotaro,
spurring days of lewdness……



Title: Utakata no Tsubomi
Original Title: うたかたの蕾
Developer: VENUS vndb
Language: Japanese
Last update: 2018-12-09




1. Extract Utakata no Tsubomi.rar.
2. run うたかたの蕾.eXe by Local Emulator.


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