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Mama Wa Taimanin [RJ250595] [Eng] [Lilith]

Mama Wa Taimanin [RJ250595] [Eng] [Lilith]


ママは対魔忍 | RJ250595 | Mama Wa Taimanin | English

Taimanin fight tirelessly to pursue a path of righteousness.
Though some choose to dedicate their entire lives to the cause—
Some choose to leave the Taimanin to live an ordinary life.
An ex-Taimanin is living happily with her family, but evil approaches.

What path will the ex-Taimanin take—!
Hide from her kind husband and pure son to have betrayal sex!
An ex-Taimanin wife was living a peaceful life when suddenly danger approached.
In order to protect her family, she must not allow them to see her be a “female!”



Title: Mama Wa Taimanin [RJ250595]
Original Title: ママは対魔忍
Developer: Lilith Website
Language: English
Last update: 2023-07-22




1. Extract and run it by Locale Emulator.


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