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Download Henteria Chronicles: Chapter 1 [Update 5&6] [N_taii]

Download Henteria Chronicles Chapter 1 [Update 5&6] [N_taii]


Henteria Chronicles, Chapter 1The Lady and the butler – Casio and his older sister, Nestia, lost their parents during the Fourth Holy War that opposed the Monster Army and the Allied Races lead by the Humans. However, they are taken in by Lady Eleonora, a noble and former Valkyrie, to work in her manor as butler and maid. They spend ten wonderful years there. However, a shadow is lurking over their future…

This game is mainly about unavoidable NTR. I know this tends to rub a lot of people the wrong way and I can completely understand, I used to be the same. However, the particularity of the game plays on the fact that the MC acts a bit like Link: no dialogue, onomatopeia and bubble icons. Also, the player has little control over how the game plays (name are already set, for example). I know this sounds counterproductive from a developer perspective, but the lack of personality of the MC as well as the way the story is told allows more freedom for players on how they want to picture themselves into the game: do they want to stay on a MC perspective ? Would they rather picture themselves as an uninvolved third party ? Or as the bad guy ? It’s all up to the player’s imagination. This might very well soften the NTR elements if you don’t picture yourself as the MC who’s being NTR’ed^^
Besides, there will be no MC shaming, he will be pictured as oblivious to NTR the whole game, and there will be a choice between 2 endings, with a non-NTR one.
All in all, players not used to NTR or not liking it might find this games easier to play and enjoy. Anyways, there’s no better way to find out but to play the game : )

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Title: Henteria Chronicles Chapter 1 [Update 5&6]
Original Title: Henteria Chronicles Chapter 1
Developer: N_taii telegram icon Patreon
Language: English 
Last update: 2020-05-03




1. Extract and run.


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