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My Happiness ≠ Her Happiness [RJ336042] [Star's Dream]

My Happiness ≠ Her Happiness [RJ336042] [Star’s Dream]


The main character, Tadashi Komano, an ordinary businessman, and his wife, Yahiro
They were married and living a happy life.

However, when Tadashi hears a story about a man that his wife, Yahiro, dated in the past
From that day on, Tadashi imagines Yahiro in the arms of another man.

Then, Tadashi is given a big job.
He meets the young president of his business partner. ………​



Title: My Happiness ≠ Her Happiness [RJ336042]
Original Title: 僕の幸せ≠彼女の幸せ
Developer: Star’s Dream DLsite
Language: English 
Last update: 2022-09-19




1. Extract and run.

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