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Marriage Or Pervert [v1.04.2] Free Download

Marriage Or Pervert [v1.04.2] Free Download


The story is about two childhood friends, Yuria and Hult, that loved each other for a long time, but started dating only recently.
Hult is planning to propose to Yuria, but a monster invasion messes up his plans, and they are forced to go on a trip,
to defeat the demon responsible for this. During this trip, your decisions will change their future relationship.
This is a trash NTR comedy, don’t take it seriously.



Title: Marriage Or Pervert ~The Small Penis Warrior & The Perverted Magician~
Original Title: MARRIAGE OR PERVERT ~短小戦士とドスケベ魔法使い~
Language: Japanese, English
Last update: 2021-11-13




Extract the game then run it.

Applying uncensor patch:
Put the archive into the game folder and extract the archive with the option “Extract Here”,
then “Replace all files” or “Yes to All”. Only replace, don’t delete the images beforehand.

Applying patch:
1. Place the archive in the game core folder, where the file that starts the game is.
2. Right click on the archive and press “Extract here”.
3. Press the button “Replace All”

How to play Japanese games on windows 7,8,10?




Don’t touch the “Auto-Text” feature in the options, it could break your game.
My advice, take your time to play this game, interact with NPCs before and after the heroine becomes a slut, cause they’re funny in my opinion.
When slimes attack the city at the beginning, talk to the pink-haired dude to proceed further.

The Vanilla Ending: You need lewdness = 0
The Normal Ending: You need lewdness less than 30, more than 0.
The NTR Ending: You need lewdness less than 60, more than 30.
The Slut Ending: You need lewdness more than 60.

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