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Manami the Housewife's Secret Job [RJ245502] [ENG]

Manami the Housewife’s Secret Job [RJ245502] [ENG]


Extra information: First of all, it’s obviously machine translation. Didn’t translate any of this with my own hands so.. don’t complain about not understand what’s happening but anyway. The story as far as I could understand it’s pretty simple: there’s a debt involved and the woman needs to gain a certain amount to repay everything. So she decide to prostitute herself.
I think it’s pretty much an game where you go and just see the events, scripted, by following the hearts here and there (so no grinding and such). There’s a main ending but there are even some side endings.
Ah, one last thing: within the menu there’s one thing not translated: the whole.. probably sexual stats of herself. Translator++ didn’t gave me anything so most likely it’s “hidden” somewhere else that can be seen only with RPGMaker MV app. So if someone wants, feel free. Plus, I tried to wrap the text always using Translator++.. but somehow doesn’t work. Worked once in the past but right now I can’t seem to fit the whole text within the box so.. sorry about that.​



Title: Manami the Housewife’s Secret Job [RJ245502]
Original Title: 主婦マナミの秘密のお金稼ぎ
Developer: Gyroton Dlsite
Language: English
Last update: 2019-03-30




1. Extract and run it by Locale Emulator.


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