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Kimigasuki Dakara Netoraremasu [RJ01188309] [ENG]

Kimigasuki Dakara Netoraremasu [RJ01188309] [ENG]


Yui has her first boyfriend and they are spending their days in love.
But one day, she is threatened by a bad boy from her class and forced to do something sexual.
Her boyfriend witnesses the scene, and this awakens his cuckold fetish.
Yui goes to him again today to see his face as he passionately desires her with jealousy…



Title: Kimigasuki Dakara Netoraremasu [RJ01188309]
Original Title: 君が好き。だから、寝取られます。
Developer: Karage Company DLsite
Language: English, Japanese
Last update: 2024-04-28




1. Extract and run it by Locale Emulator.


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