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Egao no Riyuu エガオノリユウ Free Download

Egao no Riyuu エガオノリユウ Free Download


I, Shun Uesaka, left the place where I had spent my life due to my father’s job transfer and will be attending a new school from this school year.
In this new environment, I will …… grab the cute girlfriend of my dreams in my hands!
Well, if things went so well, I wouldn’t have any trouble, but I’m going to keep my hopes high.
I wonder what kind of wonderful encounters await me in my new school life.
With these thoughts in my heart, my new life begins.



Title: Egao no Riyuu
Original Title: エガオノリユウ
Developer:  Jinsei Tsuukoudome vndb
Language: Japanese
Last update: 2022-04-22




1. You need winrar to extract the files and input the password
2. Run game.exe using system japanese locale or locale emulator (Read this)


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