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Whispers of the Dark Elf [Ch.1 v1.2] [Darthz]

Whispers of the Dark Elf [Ch.1 v1.2] [Darthz]


In the peaceful Elf village, Aldos, the main character, bravely fought against the evil dark elf mage, Darius, to keep the land safe. But, after winning, Aldos found out a surprising thing – Darius’s daughter, Kora, really wanted revenge against him and his kin.

The king told Aldos to get rid of everyone related to Darius. Even though Aldos is a good person, he couldn’t hurt the young girl Kora. So, he chose to be kind and let her live. But, this decision started a chain of events that made Aldos regret to spare the young dark elf.



Title: Whispers of the Dark Elf
Original Title:
Developer: Darthz telegram icon Patreon
Language: English
Last update: 2024-05-20




1. Extract and run.


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