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Weekend Lollygagging [Final] [Pigeon Pleasure]

Weekend Lollygagging [Final] [Pigeon Pleasure]


You are playing as a Tom, who came to his classmate Melory to do homework. In this story, you have choices that have different outcomes, so you must choose wisely.

In this game there are scenes of : strait sex, transgender sex, milf sex, interracial sex, female domination, sleep groping, piss fetish, foot fetish, nude posing, cheating wife. I made 2 very simple sound mixes with ASMR (I hope this will bring some new and different experience for you). Also there is a “Strip Bottle Game” with random choosing whom to strip (I hope this will bring originality and will spice up your experience of playing this game). For this chapter there are 6 pronounced endings but there many ways to achieve them.



Title: Weekend Lollygagging
Original Title:
Developer: Pigeon Pleasure telegram icon Patreon
Language: English
Last update: 2022-12-09




1. Extract and run.


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