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Unseen Ohana v0.15 [MaxGamez]

Unseen Ohana v0.15 [MaxGamez]


You take on the role of Max, a student who moves to the house of his dad’s friend so that Max doesn’t have to stay in hostel. You sense something strange about atmosphere of this house, even though you can’t quite place it. You are captivated by beauty of your dad’s friend and start unravelling some secrets as you grow some doubts, but as things around the house happen, your resolve to do so is put to the test. You want to trust, but you are unable to do so. Everything seems strange, and you begin to question the people who matter most to you.



Title: Unseen Ohana v0.15 [MaxGamez]
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Developer: MaxGamez patreom icon Patreon
Language: English
Last update: 2024-01-17




1. Extract and run.


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HOTFIX for v0.15