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The Copycat v0.8 [PiggyBackRide Productions]

The Copycat v0.8 [PiggyBackRide Productions]


Don’t you just hate it when it’s your first day back at school and your bully is waiting for you?

After your father was murdered in a brutal killing, you thought the relentless bullying at school would slow down, but it only got worse. While struggling to fit in, can you break out of your shell and become popular or will you watch your bully spoil the family you have left? As if that wasn’t bad enough, a serial killer roams loose in St Louis and he seems to have set his eyes on someone very close to you…



Title: The Copycat v0.8
Original Title:
Developer: Mr. PBR SubscribeStar
Language: English
Last update: 2024-06-07




1. Extract and run.


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