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Mother NTR Training Ep. 5 [Singsun66]

Mother NTR Training Ep. 5 [Singsun66]


You play as James, an 18 years old highschool student with gruesome childhood trauma where you see your father die in front of your eyes in a planned robbery.Since then you keep getting bullied by your friends because you look weak and vulnerable.

Your loving mother Lucy was an ex-self-defense teacher before working with your father as his secretary, but even your mom can’t do anything to your bully because beating teens will be a criminal offense.

This forced you and your mom to keep on moving to different places to find a better school for you, but unfortunately, that makes your mom unable to work and now in debt.

Luckily, your father’s old friend Rohasve has a solution for you. You go to his private high school and be friends with his kid and he will make sure you and your mom have a warm place to live. This was the best deal for you. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

But now, your mother Lucy has to find a new job again.

What kind of job will your mom choose? What kind of people will she meet? The choice is all yours!



Title: Mother NTR Training Ep. 5
Original Title: Mother NTR Training
Developer: Singsun66 patreom icon Patreon 
Language: English
Last update: 2024-01-26




1. Extract and run.


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