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Download Merry H-Mas v1.0 [N_Taii]

Download Merry H-Mas v1.0 [N_Taii]


The Bennet family is by all means a happy family. Mr. Bennet (the MC) has a sexy and loving wife whom he loves very much, and a beautiful daughter he cherishes as to the apple of his eyes.

Still, Mr. Bennet’s picture of perfect happiness is clouded by a few issues: he hasn’t had any sexual relationships with his wife in years due to his own medical problems, and he is having a hard time understanding his teenage daughter. However, he is hoping this year’s Christmas is going to fix everything…

Long story short: Get NTR’d by Santa, Get SaNTR’d!



Title: Merry H-Mas v1.0
Original Title: Merry H-Mas
Developer: N_Taii Patreon
Language: English 
Last update: 2020-01-03




1. Extract and run.


DOWNLOAD Merry H-Mas v1.0