Lesley Jeane and Crystal Skull [Final] Free Download


Jeanne is an anthropologist who wants to find an artifact in the deep of African jungle in,
the artifact is formed of a skull made of crystal and gold which has a very high selling price.

On the way she was intercepted by the local community, forbidding her to take the crystal skull,
because it is a very sacred object for their village
Jeanne must do something to convince the villagers to get the artifact no matter what even if it means risking her life​



Title: Lesley Jeane and Crystal Skull  [Final] (Revamped)
Original Title: Lesley Jeane and Crystal Skull
Developer: Sinccubus – Patreon
Language: English
Last update: 2022-07-12




1. Extract and run.


Download Lesley Jeane and Crystal Skull [Final] (Revamped)

WinDownload  | or | Download

Mac(Demo): Download  | or | Download

Android(Demo): Download  | or | Download

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