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Holding Hands v0.40 [Kirantiplayer]+ Walktrough + Save File

Holding Hands v0.40 [Kirantiplayer]+ Walktrough + Save File


The protagonist Eric (or the name you pick) is a novel writer but of late his work has fallen short. Going through depression does not help. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Lily has invited an old friend, due to him being evicted. Enter Alex. How will this impact MC’s life? Will he gain a rival for the love of his girlfriend? Will his relationship fall in ruins? Or will he find a new fetish? You decide.



Title: Holding Hands v0.38.1
Original Title: Holding Hands
Developer: Kirantiplayer – telegram icon Patreon
Language: English 
Last update: 2023-11-23




1. Open the .rar to extract.
2. Enjoy.


Saves made before version 0.21 will not work

Download Holding Hands v0.40

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