Emelia’s Inn [RJ248671] [English] Free Download

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A port-town on a certain continent…
A mother [Emelia] and son [Ruji] are running an inn together.
They were adored throughout the community,
and the inn was a popular place of gathering.
One night, Ruji tells his mother that
“I want you to have sex with other men!”
Emelia was hesitant, but ended up listening to his demands,
and begins having sex with men that Ruji chooses but…
Little by little, Emelia’s demeanor began to change…



Title: Emelia’s Inn [RJ248671]
Original Title: エミリアの宿屋 ~ルージの母親 ネトラセ日誌~[RJ248671]
Developer: Autonoe
Language: English, Japanese
Last update: 2019-5-4



Emelia’s Inn [RJ248671] [English] Free Download


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