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Best DLSite Alternative 2022

Best DLSite Alternative 2022

Best DLSite Alternative NTR(Netorare) games

If you are a fan of hentai games, sex games, animations, cartoon Games, NTR porn sex games, and NTR visual novels, is the place for you. The platform is an alternative to those looking for dlsite and download games for free. It features traditional and exotic games with different plots and themes.
Depending on your desire, fetish, and fantasies, the platform ensures all new releases have been updated so that you cannot miss anything. The best thing about NTR games is that they are genres of adult games. The protagonist’s loved ones are taken or seduced away and the heroine might be willing or unwilling. This is meant to cause deep jealousy in you (the reader).

Why NTR Games is an alternative to dlsite

Some don’t like NTR and some like NTR. It all depends on different aspects but NTR is an integral part of gameplay. It is the central part of the story in many adult games and turning it off makes no sense. Funny thing, what makes the story interesting to you, might be the same reason that makes someone hate NTR games.
Netorare makes people think they are being cheated on or cheating with someone significant. This makes the majority feel and believe they will significantly people in their real lives. But to NTR lovers, this is just a fantasy. And this is what distinguishes us. We believe everyone got their fantasies.
We are passionate about NTR games and the content in these games will get you to the edge. Each publication on our platform has highlights of what you should expect. This will help you to stay in line and never miss a scene. For instance, a visual novel like “ My Girlfriend will Never Be Taken by Another Man Gameplay” has a description of what it entails and other basic information you need.
Downloading these games is free. However, you need to subscribe or login to access the content of each game listed in the catalog. Dedicated to all adults who would like to explore their sexual fantasy in form of sex games, visual games, and visual novels. You must be of legal age.

Why NTR Games?

If you are not used to or never tried NTR sex games, you are missing a lot. There is more to enjoy ranging from the male and female protagonist, family, mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, and more. We have a huge catalog that you can browse from and download the games you want.
There are characters that you will get attached to the likes of Shotas, Lolis, and Titan among others that take these NTR games to a new scale.


NTR games are growing in popularity and are simply where a male character’s love interest is stolen by someone else. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a story where two girls cheat on their boyfriends and then end up doing things with each other? This is what you get in NTR visual novels. is your exclusive platform and DLSite Alternative that brings you the latest and best NTR adult games.