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BlackBook80 v0.44 [Medio Ting]

BlackBook80 v0.44 [Medio Ting]


BlackBook80 It is a free exploration ADV H GAME.
Players can move freely in a small city, meet various NPCs,
interact with female characters, and understand each other.
The main content of the game includes
improving the relationship with female characters and further interacting with
NPCs to invade the relationship and further reach the level of NTR.
The player’s choice determines the ending of the female character.
There are some event locations in the city. Players can date female characters.
Going to some event locations is a trap for female characters. terrible things will happen in it​



Title: BlackBook80 v0.44
Original Title:
Developer: Medio Ting telegram icon Patreon
Language: English
Last update: 2024-02-27




1. Extract and run.


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